UsPlus is a developmental finance organisation with a heart. Enabled by cloud-based technology UsPlus specialises in the provision of flexible working capital solutions for SME partners in over 40-industries throughout South Africa. Its not about you or us, its about what we can do together UsPlus

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Who We are

UsPlus is driven by a social-impact philosophy and aims to partners with sme enterprises to help them grow. We also partner with larger organisations that transact with a large number of SMEs to help them improve payment terms for their customers. This ensures business continuity while advancing broad based growth in our economy. Our clients collectively employ over 1800 people directly and support a further 5000 people indirectly.

UsPlus is especially focused on supporting local farmers, manufacturers, distributors and producers that innovate, creating products and services that are delivered into both the domestic and global markets. Our aim is to help create and deepen domestic markets in renewable energy, sustainable food production, water conservation, the provision of affordable healthcare and exports promoting re-industrialisation of our economy. Our support helps close natural payment gaps or dislocations that arise between companies that deliver goods and render services across borders, working directly with local exporters in a range of industries.

We typically look to provide additional strategic support to our partners in a variety of ways, not necessarily directly related to the finance that we provide and at no additional cost. If you succeed, we succeed!

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